Presentation of Rosseti Kuban, PJSC

In the Krasnodar Territory (including Sochi), the Republic of Adygeya, and the federal territory of Sirius, Rosseti Kuban transmits and distributes electricity to consumers on 110 kV and lower power grids between populated areas, in rural settlements, individual cities, and district centres.

Position of Rosseti Kuban in UES of Russia and IES of South in terms of electricity delivery to the Company’s grid in 2020–2022 (billion kWh)
Indicators 2020 2021 2022 Rosseti Kuban's share in 2022 (%)
Electricity consumption in UES of Russia 1,033.7 1,090.4 1,106.3 2.4
Including in IES of South
100.69 108.27 111.0 23.5
Including Rosseti Kuban (electricity delivery to the Company’s grid)
23.01 25.22 26.06 100
Source: Functional reports on UES of Russia published by JSC SO UPS at website

As the largest taxpayer, the Company actively participates in the social and economic life of the region by fostering employment opportunities for suppliers in related industries, organising a variety of social programmes, and participating in charitable endeavours.

Rosseti Kuban is a public company with stock admitted to trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange.

The Company runs its core business under natural monopoly conditions, with state regulation as to:

  • Setting tariffs for electricity transmission services and fees for grid connection of consumer terminals to the Company’s power grid
  • Giving non-discriminatory access to the above-mentioned services on equal footing
The Company’s share in the regional electricity transmission market (of regional RGR) in 2020-2022 (%)

Key characteristics of the Company as of the end of 2022:

Volume of service
765 thousand c.u. including electricity grids – 411 thousand c.u. 
Total length of power transmission lines
93.6 thousand kilometres
(by circuit)
Number of 35–220 kV substations, 6–10(35)/0.4 kV transformer substations
Power grid branches
Design capacity utilisation rate of an energy system
4,996 MW
72.41%Under-use of design capacity due to creating redundancy for power failures or scheduled repair.
Maximum allowable design capacity of an energy systemOnly for 110 kV substations.
9,169.3 MVA
Total number of points of delivery to consumers connected to Rosseti Kuban’s power grids

Company’s service territory